Equipment - Manufacturing of turned parts and high precision mechanical components
Creation Date: 1963
Employees: 250
Via Che Guevara 63/A
60022 Castelfidardo (AN)
Phone: +39 071 780028
Fax: +39 071 7822365

Zannini Group is a leader in manufacturing of turned parts and high precision mechanical components. The company philosophy is fully oriented to the customer satisfaction, through high quality, competitive prices and a high level of service. Zannini has always strived for excellence, determination and perseverance, both in the choice of partners and technology. 

The production capacity of the group is strongly oriented to high technology products thanks to the presence of mono-and multi-spindle machines. Zannini Group capabilities includes precision manufacturing on numerical control machines, from 4 to 10 axes, fully equipped with automatic bar loader, with diameters from 2mm/0.078” up to 65mm/2.55”, with pieces to be divided on a robotized area with diameters of up to 100mm/3.93”. Moreover, Zannini is able to perform secondary manufacturing processes, heat treatments and superficial treatments.