Consulting in the manufacturing sectors and energy generation.
Creation Date: 2007
Via Tiraboschi n. 36/G
60131 Ancona (AN)
Phone: 0719256836


VeSTA is an engineering and technical consulting company that deals with plant engineering, innovation and control of production systems, and sustainability, in the manufacturing and power generation sectors.

Its staff consists of engineers with different specialization and many years of experience and assists customers in the following areas:

1) industrial plant engineering and data analitycs

- factory layout design - sizing and designing plants, production lines and islands, static and automatic warehouses

- assistance in the selection of suppliers, machines and equipment - design of processes for the integration of production systems with factory management and management of relations between machine and software house suppliers

- implementation and supply in "as a service" mode of measurement and control systems of parameters through sensors (IIOT - Industrial Internet Of Things)

- correlation analysis and big data analytics to support SMEs, for the acquisition of information and creation of added value from the data collected by sensors and systems (IIOT - Industrial Internet Of Things)

2) appraisals and technical due diligence of assets and tangible assets

- technical appraisals for use of hyper-depreciation (Law 2019)

- technical reports concerning research and development projects (law 2019)

- appraisals for estimating the value of company assets and assets for M & A transactions

- technical due diligence of industrial assets for M & A transactions

3) design and monitoring of power generation and user systems

- planning of generation plants and users

- energy diagnosis according to technical standards UNI CEI EN 16247 series

- implementation and management also in "as a service" mode of monitoring and control systems for the production and consumption of utilities

- management and verification of the SLAs and KPIs of contractors of O & M technical services.