ICT - Development of software for cyber security information technology
Creation Date: 1981
Employees: 15
via G. Parini 9/A
60027 Osimo (AN)
Phone:  071/7202009
Fax: 071/7202012

The company, which has been operating in IT since 1981, was born as one of the first Hewlett Packard VARs on Italian territory by four members, who today occupy the administrative, commercial, development and after-sales support. Immediately acquires a strong sense of adaptation to the nascent computer market and becomes a reference point for the infrastructure built with HP products.

The commercialization of these products has allowed on the one hand to satisfy both infrastructure and networking needs on the one hand, and the need to cover design and business management software needs. SH Sistemi finds, through the experience gained in contact with small and medium enterprises and in the strong emerging technological innovation (see Microsoft with its graphical and user-friendly interfaces and the use of Relational Databases), the motivations to undertake the initiative to develop a new software architecture in compliance with ERP logic; management applications with graphical interface, with the use of Relational Databases, such as Oracle, Informix or Microsoft-Sql-Server, organized for 'modules' that can be parameterized according to the precise needs expressed by the PMI.

This is how the Uni9000 project was born, which will become the focus of company activities. The software soon assumed a connotation of specific expertise that makes it applicable in companies of the most varied production and distribution sectors and it is in this capacity that it becomes Unigest. Capitalizing on the knowledge of the world of clothing acquired over the years, SH Sistemi also enters the textile and packaging companies with Uniconf with connotations technologically suited to the fashion world.

Currently Uni9000 erp software (Unigest & Uniconf) goes towards areas of integration with open web-oriented applications available on http, with the introduction of modules such as Web-Order-Management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and collaborative environment on Web portal. In terms of Business Intelligence, given the growing need for business managers to produce and publish 'ready-to-use information' for the analysis and interpretation of data generated by the Business Units, beyond the common statistical models and control, SH Sistemi has created a series of cutting-edge solutions, expandable and above all adaptable to the customer's financial resources.

With strong knowledge of the scenario for CAD design management and PDM / PLM products, Sh Sistemi has strengthened its partnership with PTC, which manufactures and distributes a suite of industry-leading products worldwide.