Services aimed at strategic management and business development.
Creation Date: 11/09/1998
Via Metauro,74/C
60126 Ancona (Ancona)
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Technological innovation is a competitive lever when it enables management and control processes that generate value.

Our activity is based on the combination of Consulting - Information Technology. We are able to configure and develop innovative projects that help companies face entry into the era of Manufacturing 4.0., Following each customer 360 ° from design to final reporting, through technological implementation and technical assistance and consultancy, thus simplifying access to the financial facilities made available by the Industry Plan 4.0.  

We identify the technological nodes of improvement and suggest competitive intervention plans in response to company strategies. We therefore develop the services and individual projects (and related services) aimed at supporting them. We start from a targeted assessment to develop projects with a view to 4.0, accompanying each company in the process of adopting a technological implementation up to the validation and certification of the improvement process put in place. The analysis makes it possible to design, prototype, test and validate in real conditions an integrated and scalable technological system that provides precise and certifiable information on a specific production system in real time. We therefore identify the tools and innovative systems that allow us to intervene, in a predictive way, to increase efficiency, reduce waste common to the activity and increase quality standards.

This approach allows us to improve, to a certified extent, the internal management systems to make them always aligned to the actual business needs by guaranteeing:

Reduction of the times in which the analytical data is available and increase of the control / monitoring and of the "useful data";

Timely translation of the data of the detection system / status in corrective action;

Reduction of the time needed to restore optimal conditions thanks to continuous monitoring;

Increase the quality standard of the entire life cycle and maintain productivity and reduce risks.