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The Territorial Order is an institution regulated by Law n. 1395/1923; and with the Royal Decree 2537/1925, which specifies: "in each province the Order of Engineers and Architects is established, with headquarters in the chief town".

Later with the R.D. 2145/1927, engineers and architects are marked in separate lists.

More recently, with the DPR382 / 80, 328/01 and 137/12 additions and modifications have been made to them.

Institutional tasks

The institutional tasks of the Order at a glance are:

  • he custody of the Professional Register;
  • the protection of the title and professional practice;
  • professional updating, in implementation of the provisions of Presidential Decree 137/2012, art. 7;
  • give, on request, an opinion on professional disputes and on the fairness of fees.

The Ministry of Justice supervises the work of the territorial Order.

Register of Members

With the DPR 328/01 two sections of the Register are established:

  • section A: for holders of a five-year old degree or specialist degree (3 + 2)
  • section B: for three-year degree holders. 

Both sections are further divided into 3 sectors:

  • sector A: civil and environmental engineering;
  • sector B: industrial engineering;
  • sector C: Information Engineering. 

Participation of members in the management of the Order

The Members Assembly is convened annually, which is primarily responsible for approving the financial statements.

In this institutional event the members can intervene in the ways provided for clarifications and / or proposals.

The members can also request to be admitted to the working groups of the Commissions established by the Order which act as support to the Council for the deepening of the various technical issues.