Strategic management consultancy and business organization, training and research.
Creation Date: 2005
Via Respighi 8
63900 Fermo (FM)
Phone: 0734671348

Organizing processes and rethinking the company, this is the acronym behind the name of OPeRA and which is also its mission. Opera srl is a strategic management and business organization consultancy company that carries out interventions for the redesign of processes aimed at improving performance.

The successful organization is the one close to the customer and where people are at the center. It is the processes and activities included in them that create value for the customer and for the company. To innovate you need to grow, to grow you need to change, to change it is essential to rethink. Each company is unique because the people who make it up are unique.

Our areas of intervention:


Organizational redesign interventions

Review and rationalization of internal operating procedures

Improvement and optimization of company production processes

Improvement and optimization of the company information system


Training interventions on fundamental operating processes

Individual theoretical and operational support to develop skills

Course design


In-depth study of organizational issues

Analysis and research of information and technological tools

Growth of managerial culture.

Our interventions for and with the company start from the definition and sharing of improvement objectives. The activity plan takes the form of consultancy and training actions; consultancy as a support in finding solutions and training as a transfer of skills to be able to implement them independently. The verification of the results achieved is the indispensable condition for evaluating the success of the project.

We recognize the value of companies in the fashion sector and in particular the footwear sector. We have gained significant experience in the sector and developed an innovative method, specially designed for the organization of footwear companies, which allows the redesign of business operating processes. Today we are the reference point for companies in the footwear sector in the context of projects for the reorganization and improvement of the performance of business processes.