Manufacturing materials - Coatings for wood
Creation Date: 1971
Employees: 520
Via Sandro Pertini
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Phone: 0733 8080
Fax: 0733 808140

ICA Group is all about combining tradition and technological innovation in the manufacture of coatings for wood. With ICA Group, the renowned Italian manufacturing system is expressed through quality, style and the capacity to develop solutions that are ahead of the curve.

The enhancement of quality is an objective that ICA Group pursues on a number of different levels, through the quality-focused innovation of its products and services; the commitment to full utilization of the expertise of its human resources; the winning of substantial market share both domestically and internationally; the achievement of maximum customer satisfaction; and the constant reduction of the environmental impact of its coatings.A major Italian industrial group with its headquarters in Civitanova Marche (Macerata), ICA Group has 2 production plants in Italy. In 2016, ICA Group's turnover reached €112 million, of which 54% was generated outside Italy. The manufacture of the coatings is carried out at the 2 production plants in Italy.

The group currently has 560 employees and over 10000 clients. ICA Group has all the strength of a large-scale industrial concern that does business around the world – the strength that is required to take on a demanding, rapidly evolving market which demands solutions that are always innovative, high-quality and eco-friendly.