Equipment - Tools for precision manufacturing
Via Pesaro, 10A
61012 Gradara (PU)
Phone: +39 0541/979001
Fax: +39 0541/979050

HSD SpA is one of the three divisions of the Biesse group, founded in Pesaro in 1969, founded in 1992 at the behest of the founder of Biesse, Giancarlo Selci, who has always been an expert and enthusiast of Mechanics.

This is a young and dynamic company located in the heart of the Pesaro furniture district, an area that has always been characterized by mechanical companies of world-wide excellence that have diversified their activities in different directions over time.

The passion for mechanics combined with a strong focus on customer satisfaction have made HSD a world-leading company in the production of electrospindles, 5-axis heads, bevel gearboxes and CNC drilling units for wood, aluminum and marble processing , glass and PVC, with a solid experience in electronic components that today merge with mechanical ones, thus giving life to the company "Mechatronics".

HSD SpA Designs and manufactures technologically advanced high-precision components for industrial milling, drilling and cutting processes for a wide range of materials and production sectors. The most representative products are Electric Spindles, Drilling Heads, Servomotors with integrated drive, Multifunctional Groups.

HSD SpA, in addition to the Italian parent company, operates directly with 3 branches located in the main world markets with the aim of ensuring immediate and highly qualified pre and post sales assistance: HSD USA Inc., HSD Deutschland GmbH and HSD Shanghai Co. Ltd.

The success of the company is based on a young team with a strong focus on skills development. Technological and specialized excellence is combined with the integrated development of mechanical and electronic skills in both design and production and control systems.

Always oriented to develop different applications of new and existing technologies, HSD is continuously committed to the inclusion of young graduates in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Automation and Informatics that takes place through structured training and assessment paths that embrace all areas of the company.