Manufacturing materials - Thermoplastic compounds
Creation Date: 1993
Employees: 44
Via Antonelli e Tebaldi snc
62018 Porto Potenza Picena (MC)
Phone: 0733 880420

GOLDENPLAST SPA was founded in 1993 by Germano Ercoli, the managing director, Gianni Perozzi, the technical manager and Massimo Vallesi, sales manager. The production of thermoplastic compounds started in 1994. GOLDENPLAST SPA, without any doubt the youngest and the most dynamic company in this field, has become the leader company of the market, due to the quality and reliability of its products and above all, to its innovating attitude. During its activity, in fact,  GOLDENPLAST SPA has periodically created and introduced (thrown) on the market new materials which has opened to customers new work opportunities and new markets. This innovating attitude is recognised both from Goldenplast’s customers and competitors. Nowadays, its productive capacity is 150 tons of thermoplastic compounds a day and about 50% of this material is exported all over the world.
The keywords that characterise the company activity are: innovation, quality, quickness, personilization, assistance, competitive price.