Creation Date: 1974
Employees: 108
Via Marconi 100
60015 Falconara Marittima (AN)
Phone: 02 678159

Filippetti S.p.A. is the company of the Filippetti Group that deals with System Integration and Management Services. Italian leader in the "Server Based Computing" market, Virtual Application and Virtual Server.

The company was founded by over 30 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technology solutions market. For over ten years now, it has been offering the national market with high added value solutions and technological content through its operational offices in Ancona, Bologna, Milan, Padua, Palermo, Rome, Salerno and Turin. The Support Center is located in the Ancona Headquarter, organized to manage all the technological areas for which customer support services are provided.

The offer of Filippetti S.p.A. adapts to meet the needs of every type of organization, whether private, public, medium or large. The systematic experimentation in new technologies allows to guarantee a high technical competence; the great professional motivation and dynamism guarantee innovation, quality and completeness in all the solutions offered. The skills, the ability to evolve over time, the professionalism, the completeness of the solutions, are the reasons that have made over time the leading company in the Information and Communication Technologies market nationwide.

The need for new professional figures that are always up-to-date and qualified has led the company to embark on a path of certification on the most advanced technologies available today: currently more than 100 professionals daily renew their expertise in their respective areas of intervention. The current territorial distribution of the operating branches allows the company to operate throughout the national territory and, thanks to international agreements, Filippetti SpA is able to support organizations also abroad.