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eTa Blades is the leader in Italy in wind blades design, development and manufacturing. With a track record of over 2,000 blades produced starting 2012 for international customers and markets, eTa Blades, through its Design, Manufacturing, Moulding & Tooling, Blade Service and Testing & Certification departments, supports customers to extract the maximum value from their wind farms, partnering with them from new wind development opportunities up to large scale Re-blading programmes. Different competences, coming from our top management / entrepreneurial experiences in wind, marine and aerospace, and multi-skilled teams, lead together with our partners, are joined to craft new blade profiles, adopting advanced materials and innovative technologies driving the efforts towards the next wind farm generation needs: enhancing the value of assets (vs lower or no incentives) while improving wind farm efficiency (vs market saturation) at a lower environmental impact (vs. deteriorated social acceptance).

Our vision is to be able to achieve:

  • more from less windy sites while maintaining high efficiency under conditions of strong wind
  • significantly improve the output of old wind-farms providing longer life-cyle
  • load reduction on blade, gearbox and tower under any wind condition through the adoption of advanced manufacturing techniques and design methods embedding self adjusting bend-twist and passive deforming
  • the ability to seamlessly support our clients from start to end, from designing a new blade suitable for their original equipment and site conditions, through to authorization procedures and investment decisions

In other words: a remarkable cost reduction ratio ($/kW) for wind turbines, and improved wind farm returns.