Equipment - Air purification
Creation Date: 1970
Via Ermanno Casoli, 2
60044 Fabriano (Ancona)
Phone: +39 0732 610 1

The Elica Group, active in the kitchen hoods and cookers range since the 1970s, chaired by Francesco Casoli and led by Mauro Sacchetto, is today the world leader in terms of units sold.

It also boasts a leading position in Europe in the design, production and marketing of electric motors for hoods and heating boilers.

With approximately 3,800 employees, the Elica Group has a production platform divided into seven production sites, including Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and China. Long experience in the sector, great attention to design, refinement of materials and advanced technologies that guarantee maximum efficiency and reduced consumption, are the elements that distinguish the Elica Group on the market and that have allowed the company to revolutionize the traditional image of the hoods kitchenware: no longer simple accessories but objects with a unique design that can improve the quality of life.