Costumer products - Kitchen sinks
Creation Date: 1997
Employees: 68
Via Grazia Deledda,3
62010 Montecassiano (MC)
Phone: +39 0733 290561
Fax:  +39 0733 290593

Plados-Telma group is one of the world leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks made in compound material and in the commercialisation of faucets, appliances and cooker hoods in the granite colours in order to form a perfect suite with the sink. The company consists of two combined sections: Plados and Telme which joined forces in 2003.


PLADOS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks made in compound material (ULTRAQUARTZ, microULTRAGRANIT, ULTRAMETAL, ULTRAVITRO e NATURSTONE). Thanks to an high quality and performance product, PLADOS, founded in 1991,  has succeeded in establishing a strong position in the extremely competitive international market for sinks made of compound material, by offering a highly dependable and superior product which has met with commercial success and unanimous acclaim wherever it has been sold. PLADOS products are exported into a lot of countries, and sold on all five continents. Faucets, built-in hobs and ovens with an enamel finish, to match the granite colours for the sinks complement the Company’s products range, which offers perfect and peerless colour coordinating.


The research on our compound materials is ground breaking. Telma, incorporated in 1981, has an important mission: taking on the challenging and seemingly unmovable kitchen sink market by offering highly innovative solutions in the areas of design, materials and functions. The new synergy of the group brings great success. In a few years, Telma has been established as the new market leader in this sector. Enthusiasm, research and development, rationality in design: these are the hallmarks of Telma image. Nowadays, Telma research laboratories symbolize innovation. Successful materials such as TelmaStone, VitroQuartz, MetalQuartz, TelmaGranit and DuraLast.

Telma strenght and its modern out look are firmly ancore in its roots: the power of design and innovation. Company’s structure, design methodology, research laboratories an very strict quality controls: all this aims at products innovation and function, with the added value of an internationally recognized design pedigree. Study and development of high performance materials is a dynamic philosophy bringing concrete results.