Associates - Service for companies
Creation Date: 1944
Via Ing.Roberto Bianchi snc
60131 Ancona (AN)
Phone: +39 071 290481
Fax: +39 071 2866784

Since 1944 Confindustria Ancona represents the industrial system in the province, gathering on a voluntary basis the manufacturing and service companies operating in the province of Ancona and believing in the values ​​of the market and of the competition.
It is non-partisan and has no profit.

Confindustria Ancona is a multifaceted organization, expression of a local production fabric among the most dynamic in Central Italy, rich in excellence in many productive sectors, divided into different dimensional classes.
Mirror of the territory it represents, the organization has an associative base composed for about 80% by small enterprises, for 16% by medium-sized enterprises and for 4% by large enterprises

"United to be unique" is their mission and they intend to become the sole representative of the companies, esteemed, recognized, authoritative, able to build and optimize a network of effective relationships in the territory. Their commitment is aimed at promoting incentives and services favorable to the economic, entrepreneurial and social development of the territory.

Representation and protection of interests are the main functions indicated in the Articles of Association, but they are accompanied by intense consultancy and services, many of which are offered through So.Ge.S.I. (Società Gestione Servizi Industriali) S.r.l. and related consortia.