Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Molds, molding of metal components for the automotive and appliance sectors.
Creation Date: 05/08/2009
via dell'Industria,3-Frazione Moie
60030 Maiolati Spontini (Ancona)
Phone: 073170671
Fax: 0731701870

Bora performs Design, Manufacturing and Maintenance of Molds, as well as the molding of metal components for the Automotive and Appliance sectors. The continuous interaction between R&D, Molds Department, Molding and Quality Department guarantees our customers innovative and winning solutions. Our research and development office deals with the design of the molds and the industrialization of products that will then be realized in our production lines. Our long experience allows us to excel in the design of complex transfer and stepper molds. We collaborate with our customers already in the study phase of the product to optimize the geometry of the element and the consumption of material. We are able to simulate all the molding phases through the use of virtual prototyping techniques and then make changes to the element to avoid breakage or cracks during production. We ensure end-to-end control of the production process, from the simulation of the forming process, to the design, passing through the construction of the equipment up to production. Our mold production department follows all the phases of the details processing and deals with the assembly and adjustment of the molds.

On an area of ​​about 2,000 m² we have machine tools of various sizes and characteristics, and we can perform a wide range of processes. In particular: milling, wire electro-splices, plunge alettroersoioni, grinding, laser cutting and water cutting. Our molding department has a large fleet of machinery to guarantee our customers the production of a wide range of products. Starting from molding with manual, progressive and transfer technology up to assembly lines, welding robot stations and immersion washing systems. By investing in cutting-edge technology, modern organization in quality, environmental and safety issues, today we work with large multinational customers in our reference markets. The attention to our stakeholders, combined with the expertise resulting from decades of experience and internationalization, allow us to be leaders in our industry.