Highly specialized ICT consultancy in the health sector
Creation Date: 2009
Via Ancona, 13 Bis
60035 Jesi (AN)
Phone: +39 0731 696134
Fax: +39 0731 690248

BiMind is a small company founded in 2009 thanks to the passion and experience of a team of Information and Communication Technologies professionals. During its growth, the company has focused its core business in the health sector, gaining a deep specialization in specific clinical care areas, such as oncology, hematology, pediatric oncohematology, pharmacy, molecular biology, pharmacogenetics. Today it offers high skills and services in the ICT sector. healthcare, ranging from consultancy to the supply, design and implementation of information systems, up to installation, staff training and on-site assistance. The company has acquired important skills in the System Integration of corporate health information systems, clinical data repositories and electronic health records. To guarantee even more the quality of services and applications, in 2016, BiMind obtained the ISO 9001: 2016 and ISO 13485: 2016 quality systems certification (Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes) and, in the same year, it wanted to adopt an organization, management and control model - pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. Thanks to its dynamism and remarkable flexibility, BiMind continues its vocation in the world of research with the development of multiple projects, natively driven by a strong propensity for training and innovation.