Produzione componenti per filtrazione aria ambiente per applicazione biomedicale, ospedaliera, farmaceutica, nucleare ed elettronica. Produzione di materiali superisolanti e produzione di componenti per batterie ad elevate performance per accumulo energia
Creation Date: 2001
Employees: 17
Località Fornaci 15
60041 Sassoferrato (AN)
Phone: +39 0732958380
Fax: +39 0732958006

The company, founded in 2001 by the ingenuity of the current partners Simone Latini and Fabrizio Perini, over the years has greatly expanded its offer by adding to its business a philosophy of "doing business", focused on the care of people and the environment both within the company, and at a wider level, since the trees. SIFA Technology, in fact, is a G-Local company, focused simultaneously on the local dimension, of which it promotes, and on the global dimension, being present on four continents. The company proposes itself both to the filtration market and to the thermal insulation market, as a production, design and technical consultancy company. Through its production and collaboration chain it is able to offer the entire world filtration market, all the accessories and components used for the assembly and / or construction of filters, filtering terminals and air handling units.

The production activity is flanked by research, which is constantly active in the development of new materials and new applications, an aspect that allows SIFA to be the scientific partner of excellent companies. Thanks to this R&D activity, two more business units were launched in 2018: one for the thermal insulation sector and the other for battery components. Thanks to the experience gained, the rich production chain and existing collaborations with universities and research centers, SIFA Technology stands out as a supporter of centers of competence and creation of widespread value. Evidence of the particular attention paid to R&D are the patents obtained over the years and the numerous quality certifications that have allowed SIFA to position itself in contexts of international importance. The mature awareness of wanting to contribute to a circular and sustainable economy, has helped SIFA Technology to approach the study of new solutions regarding materials. SIFA Technology, in fact, is a forerunner of new and current attentions to respecting the environment: in fact, already in 2006, it presented itself on the market with a patent on biodegradable and eco-compatible products for the filtration components sector. This and other examples, demonstrating that the commitment to the environment at SIFA is not made of empty words designed to fill a social balance but it is a pillar on which the entire business has always been built. Those of filtration, separators for batteries and thermal insulation, are interdependent businesses, characterized by the diversified use of the same raw material (technologically advanced fibers) and, at the same time, are oriented towards the same goal: to promote and support the concept of High Tech for Life, which materializes in the ability of SIFA Technology to exploit its technologies and knowledge in order to improve the comfort of the environments, by means of the products offered without impacting the ecosystem. The deep knowledge of the sectors in which it operates and the marked sensitivity towards the territory and those who live there, has ensured that the company philosophy and therefore its production, focus on social responsibility in order to create a real virtuous circle . In fact, RSI, in the case of Sifa Technology, is not just one of the company focuses, but has become the common thread that inextricably connects the three macro areas of specialization of the company.