ICT - Development of software for cyber security information technology
Creation Date: 1994
via Sandro Pertini, 12
63812 Montegranaro (FM)
Phone: +39 0734.445279 / 445294
Fax: +39 0734.893202

ITACA was set up in 1994 with the intention of providing a range of products and services aimed at optimizing the production process, through technological and methodological innovation. A solid experience of engineers and analysts, grants companies a safe development of Information Systems and Factory Automation.

Information Sysems

ITACA offers the opportunity to improve the level of integration of the information system in order to obtain real-time all the information needed for a proper productive, economic and financial management.

  • Cost Accounting;
  • Planning and Scheduling Operations;
  • Local and Geographycal Networks.

Factory Automation

In this sector ITACA provides the resolution of specific production problems, developing:

  • Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions;
  • Monitoring and Process Control;
  • Systems of Production Data Collection.

Technologies for sale

  • Management Points of Sale and Outlets with WiFi terminals: iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®;
  • Digital online Brochures for order and customers management via WiFi or GPRS terminals: iPhone® and iPad®.