Progettazione elettronica e software industriale e consumer.
Creation Date: 31/07/2013
viale Serafini,69/F
60044 Fabriano (AN)
Phone: 3287095358

Eletica S.r.l. was born in 2013 following the choice of a group of professionals to come together to exploit their long experience in the design and engineering of electronic systems.

Oriented to the method and intensive use of new technologies, the company uses both its own staff and a network of professionals to best meet the needs of the customer. From the hardware and software design to the mechanical design, to the execution of tests and measurements, up to the supply of the turnkey product.

Dedication and passion, method and flexibility, imagination and inventiveness. The modern designer must be multi-faceted, transversal, multidisciplinary, curious, able to constantly change point of view, this to give the customer more than a normal professional performance.

We want to improve the creativity and inventiveness of our customers, making available our technical expertise and our services. We are passionate about the product as if it were ours. Thus works Eletica. Day to day.

ELETICA can supply, design, develop, support and provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Industrial control.
  • Domestic appliances.
  • Home automation.
  • Technology construction and marine equipment management.
  • Engine control. Power supply systems.
  • Led illumination
  • Processing of video and digital images.
  • Fitness.
  • User interfaces.
  • Web / Cloud / Apps.

The main and most lasting skills of ELETICA concern the design and development of hardware, firmware and software systems for embedded applications, eg RTOS, IIoT, ....,.

Eletica customers are important national and international groups.