Equipment - Measuring systems
Creation Date: 1968
Employees: 350
Via Fiume 16
60030 Angeli di Rosora (AN)

We are a family company established in 1968 by Enrico Loccioni with the aim of creating in his territory – and delivering to the world –  an entrepreneurial model for the work and knowledge development; by integrating ideas people, technologies we develop measure and test solutions to improve the quality of products and processes for the manufacturing and service industry.

We are a technological ‘tailor’s shop’, designing and manufacturing turn-key tailor-made solutions for the automatic measurement and quality control of our customers products and processes. Each project is customized on the customers ‘requirement integrating the best internal and external competences and technologies and building with customers and partners long term relations for mutual development.

We are an Open company, open to young people and to long experienced ones, to customers, suppliers, competitors, to the scientific and public community. Openness nourishes the continuous longing for depth, new knowledge, will to change, innovation. Openness enhances the creation of new businesses, the development of new technologies, facilitating relations and the creation of international excellence networks, with whom to design future markets and technology applications.

We are a Play Factory, because it is while playing the human being expresses its intelligence at best” (I. Hosoe).
The Play Factory is not hierarchical but has an horizontal organization in which we can personally and professionally grow with credit and passion. It gathers different generations, cultures, markets, sharing the common goal to improve the quality of life in a responsible and sustainable way. The Play Factory is not a workplace but a place where you can work, express your potential, develop your professional self and have fun.

We are a knowledge company, employing entrepreneurial collaborators who invest their knowledge in the company, sharing its success. The knowledge company develops projects instead of products and enhances the attitude towards responsibility, autonomy, entrepreneurship, team working. It delivers knowledge internally and externally and invests in education. Because people are its most important legacy.

We are active in the fields of:

Integrated energy efficiency solutions, solutions for energy production from renewable sources and green IT.

Integrated solutions for environmental monitoring.

Measure, assemby and quality control for industrial processes, products and buildings

Automating and quality control solutions for health care.

Assembly, testing and quality control systems for automotive components.

Train & Transport
Integrated solutions for transport and railways network .

Measure, automation and quality control solutions for aeronautic and aerospace processes, systems and components.