ICT - Development of software for cyber security information technology
Creation Date: 2002
Via G. Agnelli 41/B
63900 Fermo (FM)
Phone: +39 0734 628253
Fax: +39 0734 628387

LITIO has been operating in the ICT sector since 2002. Thanks to strong and consolidated technical skills, sales and pre-sales are able to independently manage the sizing, executive design and implementation of hardware and software solutions, always guaranteeing flexibility, quality and professionalism.

The experience gained in the supply of complex technological solutions makes it possible to propose itself today as a reference for small and medium-sized companies.

What distinguishes them from the competition, however, remains the ability to provide a whole range of additional highly qualified services ranging from the timely and objective "measurement" of the state of the IT infrastructure, the definition of evolutionary scenarios, the sizing of the necessary enhancements , the implementation of the same and their maintenance in operation.