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Creation Date: 1974
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FAAM has been addressing the challenges of the market with a spirit of initiative and dedication for over 40 years: from design to post-sales assistance we are always looking for the best solutions to create the greatest value for our partners! Committed to meeting any need in the field of energy accumulation by offering an innovative and Italian solution that stands out for its high efficiency. For this reason, our products are present all over the world, even among the major OE customers. The key to everything is our "energy efficiency": the knowledge and passion with which we work every day to improve your lives today, creating value for the days to come.

Since 2004 FAAM develops customized solutions with quality standards of excellence, made up of lithium batteries complete with our innovative management system (BMS - Battery Management System). With automotive, traction and stationary applications. FAAM Lithium Technology ... the ideal solution for those looking for performance and efficiency without compromise!

Starter power:
Advanced technology, more and more energy available, long lasting, power and reliability. FAAM, with its Power, Energy, Heavy Plus and Motorcycles lines, responds to the needs of the Starter world, from private to commercial, from professional to recreational use, offering products both in Flooded and AGM products. Accumulators are not all the same and choosing the right usage battery for the right need is one of the best guarantees for a pleasant and safe driving. That's why we provide a wide range of innovative mechanical, electrical and chemical products.

Motive power:
More and higher energy demand, increasing the rise in the required operating life, energy saving. These are the drivers of the new TOP Endurance and TTM Tubular Traction Maxi Advanced Lead Technology ranges, available in both DIN and BS standards. For intensive and heavy cyclic use and high availability – electric-driven vehicles, leisure vehicles, energy storage from renewable sources etc - FAAM proposes the Traleg Heavy Plus Technology range. Long life, fast charging and maintenance free are the features of our innovative LiPower lithium solution for Motive Power applications.

Stand-by power:
Extreme conditions of use and temperatures, wide range of applications - from telecommunications, infrastructure, by emergency systems, security, reporting, to stand alone islands of renewable energy etc- require reliable storage solutions, long-life performance and versatile. FAAM responds with a wide range of state-of-the-art Stand-By products, on Floodeed, GEL and AGM technologies. Our high energy efficiency storage system, Listore, completes the offer, enabling the implementation of self-consumption and energy self-sufficiency.