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Creation Date: 19/06/2013
Via E.Montale,14
60010 Barbara (Ancona)
Phone: 0731352317

The business idea started in 2013 from the minds of the two partners, Sauro Simonetti, an expert in the holistic vision of industrial automation and Simone Neri, an analyst and developer specialized in the field of management software. The company was born initially to satisfy the request of highly qualified personnel for the programming of automatic machines.

The experience gained in this technological sector has allowed the next step also applying it to the world of digitalization, thus opening up a new growth scenario in an increasingly expanding sector.

The name Digimark is born from the union of the terms "Digital" and "Mark", a digital brand that intends to summarize our mission in itself: helping our customers to optimize work processes, offering them greater efficiency with the support of advanced computer technologies.

Nevertheless, having youth employment in our area at heart, we are integrating more and more kids into our workforce who we train in our company.



We provide the advice of qualified programmers to support companies that produce machines and automation systems, mainly aimed at software development, machine set-up, customer installation, and finally after-sales service.


We deal with the development and installation of management software aimed at optimizing workflows. By constantly collaborating with expert management engineering consultants, we provide the integration of one of our specialized figures in the customer's productive sector: he analyzes the company organization, identifies the best strategy that is subsequently developed in our software department.


Active since 2015 with 2 registered patents, we invest in new technologies to improve measurement and rehabilitation systems to date in the orthopedic field. Thanks to the partnership with companies in the sector and the Orthopedics department of the Torrette hospital, we have already begun the testing phase of our instruments on patients with noteworthy results.