We engineer building components.
Creation Date: 2 febbraio 2016

Phone: +39 347 4435 371

CIC engineers patents in the construction sector, with particular reference to components. New and highly performing, CIC products are aimed at a market that is attentive to technical solutions made possible by the use of new materials in construction (structural glues, pultruded materials, nano-materials, structural glass, ceramics, etc.), such as:

- "Invisible Window", the window without any frame external to the mobile wing, financed by H2020 Sme Instrument Phase 1;

- "MUnSTa", a dynamic isolation system, operated by the user at the change of season;

- "Tensegrity Smart", lightweight floor in steel and glass, ideal for post-earthquake reconstruction and more;

- an upright façade upright, with a small footprint for distances up to 4m.


The five members of the innovative start-up (mainly engineers, with academic experience) develop research products to be transferred to the economic-productive system. The production process of the CIC components is based on a reduced number of pieces (easily achievable in existing companies), to give rise to the technological simplification that best interprets eco-sustainability. Design and high quality at competitive costs, therefore, to which to add a low environmental impact, both in the production phase and in the operation and disposal of products at the end of their life cycle.